My work is a deconstruction of what it is to be a human being, and consciously a female human. Since we live in a period of the deconstruction of all things, race, sex, religion, science, and psychology, what makes one "human" and what makes one conscious is a question I continue to pursue.

Within my own career I have looked at the "roles" that have been assigned to women and tried to play with and examine them. The nurturer, the Madonna, the witch, the bitch, the seductress, the whore, the utilitarian object and the martyr, etc. I have examined the constraints these roles bring, their limitations, and their roles throughout history. I examined our place in the world and in our lives, and the place psychologically we play in the larger universe. As an artist I attempt to impose meaning in an often time meaningless world. However, as an artist I am excited by the infinite and limitless possibilities we have to play with and this fuels my work.


The Question in my mind is, is Art necessary?  My answer is yes - it is a strategy for the survival of the soul.  Who is an Artist?  Everyone is to begin with.  Eventually it is squashed, criticized or bullied out.  All of the creative disciplines, the visual arts, dance, music, and literature should be a part of each individual's life.  One need not be a professional to enjoy or use these vehicles as tools.  So a few last thoughts I have gathered from my experiences as a artist for you to think about.

1) Art is serious play.

2) Art channels aggressions.

3) Art can be a healing tool.

4) Art is a form of meditation.

5) An artist is a magician who creates worlds dealing in the finite and the infinite.

6) Art is a puzzle that you put together and take apart.

7) Art is a conversation.
8) Art mimics the life process, first there is desire, than conception, gestation, struggle, and finally separation.

9) Artist are warriors. To stay an artist is a struggle
10) An artist is a translator of the unconscious to the conscious.
11) In Art there is nothing that is inconsequential or irrelevant, everything is interconnected as in life.

12) Creativity is the heart of self discovery

13) Art has the power to change lives and culture

14) Artist ignite ideas that are culturally relevant and necessary

15) Great art has no expiration date.

16) In conclusion, I would just like to say art for me has been my solace and refuge, my salvation, my sacred space. It has given me the ability to transcend the struggles of life with resilience and spirit because I believe it is the language of the soul.


Awareness of choices, equals consciousness.


The biggest cynics are crushed romantics.


Historically and culturally women are seen as martyrs, saints, or whores - what to do?


When I am working on a piece of art it is a relationship, it speaks to you, it reacts to you. It is a continual conversation.


People - ridiculous, absurd, pathetic, exasperating, and hypocritical.

Antidotes - kindness, patience, compassion, empathy, generosity.

Family’s are cesspools of psychopathology, retrospectives of hostility, and cauldrons of fire and brimstone.

Solution: Row, row , row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!

Where past choices come to haunt you.

Influencers: Moses, Jesus, Marx, Freud, and Einstein= Jewish?

Silence = betrayal, injustice, acceptance.


The universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy, human thought is composed of illusions, delusions, and assumptions, resulting in perhaps mistaken conclusions.